Jan 23, 2009

re: Reply to Blog about Pony Tail Men

wow! nice post from Tim Longhurst, he talks about his experience with Pony-Tail people and his views of viral campaigns. He is offered a paid gig to speak with the agency about the Coke Zero campaign but turns it down on principal. This is my reply to the article.

I thought maybe the chance to speak with their team could have allowed you the chance to explain the rationale behind being client centric not central to world...

im agreeing with @Dan it was a PR stunt but they sure got value for the client now everyone is wondering about those jackets and next time they are shopping for a men's jacket they will just ask the salesperson what is that brand that was featured with that girl from the youtube video and there you have it a successful campaign. Its not something where you had to remember the brand just make the campaign memorable enough. I think the PR done around this campaign was the best element, in under 2 weeks it has had 170,000+ views on youtube. Not to mention im sure there will be spoof clips that will soon appear, man in the prada dress, man in the gucci handbag...

think about since VB launched VB Gold, who sponsors the Beach Cricket. Now don't google it think about it... ok so the colour scheme is similar... keep thinking.. well its XXXX Gold, but when you are at the shops and you see vb gold you may just grab that because of the colour assocation. This is a successful for VB but bad for Gold. If you went and asked about the ad about the beer and the island with the dog, they would know that you are talking about XXXX Gold.

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