Dec 7, 2008

Bruce Clay talks about Client Understanding SEM

BruceClay wrote a great article about how you know when your client gets SEM, read the original post here.

I had a break through with a painful client recently, he asked for some assistance with a simple matter.

I offered several suggestions about making sure that their current ad on another site was not suitable, it was changed by the next day. They had some questions about adspend, and this was approved by the end of the day.

I was pleased that everytime i offered a few suggestions, these were implemented and the client came back with more relevant questions. There has been a decent uplift or organic traffic since we helped the client with these areas and their online sales have also jumped.

When a client helps you move forward in your understanding of their online business, its a great feeling. They often also feel more empowered and you get a happy client who won't leave on price because they understand that you want their business to succeed and not just the monthly invoice.

Who can speel weel?

Mispelt keywords can generate a fair wack of traffic for most sites, and if you examine your analytics you will discover that a majority of your customers cant spell your company name or product names... often many fail to use the space bar between words because they understand that google will self correct them....

there is another element of typo seo when you targeting the US market and having to swap "s" for "z" in words....

great article linked below on the topic, nice to see words of warning, use this with a small serve and only in moderation as google will offer suggested correct spelling.

another great moment is when your typo domain outranks your correctly spelt domain....

SE Guide

Google's Ads Per Keyword Output In High Gear

Google admit that they dont show as many ads as they possibly could for many search terms, i think this might be a more in the right direction. A word of caution if you have permission to use trademarked terms, these phrases only usually show 1-2 ads, and it can prove very expensive just to be shown.

More ads are great, but there are some competitive terms that have 80+ ads shown which is just annoying if a majority of your competitors are using bid management software such as and you are still using the proven manual methods... you up your bid and they automatically do, this kind of round robin can break your campaign if you are just running it on the concept that #1 means more leads and better CTR....


WSJ Editor Doesn't Get Internet Advertising

im sorry but ive got into a bad habit, unless im travelling, i just click on the google toolbar icon to bring up current news stories...

i know there has been some issues around old stories appearing and google news having a delay, but its not influenced by corporate digg accounts... its much easier to just use google news, click through and once you are on their site view some related articles.

if the website requires login, just go back and there is usually another similar article that you can view free!

i love, and, but there is a change, people want something now, if it is quick, and displays ads around the outside, most people dont mind.

i agree that wsj doesnt get online!


Nov 22, 2008

Will personalised & behavior-based search to kill ranking... and SEO?

yes, i believe there will be a radical change around how seo is performed. The biggest change from google is the recent Google SearchWiki.

This tool has the potential to increase your returning visitors, because if they already like your site but dont bookmark it and always find it by search, that is great. But this same behaviour will may make it hard for newer sites to get to the top of their personalisation lists, if the user is making good use of the remove site for travel operators and you launch a brand new travel site, you may find that you never make it into their list because they automatically remove all but their favourite sites.

From Yahoo camp there is Glue which offers a more global behaviour based search for all visitors.

Yahoo Glue search results, are biased towards informational searches and change based on business or interest based search, but dont seem to be influenced by geographic location at this stage.

I think there is room for a focus around behavioural based search, but it will require a lot more resources and research than previous campaigns have required.

Sep 28, 2008

SMX East

The SMX East conference is being held in New York City, USA next week from the 6th October until the 8th October, and I will be attending the event. Looking forward to all the fun and good times.

Hope to see you all there!

Happy Blogging!

Jul 5, 2008

Adwords Quality Index

The new quality index has now taken load time into account, which means that CMS heavy sites can now find themselves having to pay more for their Adwords leads because their developers were lazy when selecting the CMS and failed to optimise the site for fast loading time.

Finally graphic intensive, and poor responsive sites are being punished, this should lead to a wave of new fast loading websites or they will no longer be cost effective.

This is a great move forward for users, but presents an issue for optimisers... how quick are the quality index's updated????

Stay tuned

Jun 17, 2008

Spam Myself?

There is one particular keyword that is currently showing in queries with my site up for the first 17 results. It is a mix of 5 different pages, but with 8,300 results Im wondering how many other results for this keyword might also be repeated.

The algorithm seems to almost to ignore certain rules when dealing with competitors keywords.

Does anyone else notice this happening with Google's competitors?

Jun 13, 2008

Download Firefox 3

Show support for one of the fastest and most reliable browsers available, I choose to use this software and it has a number of useful SEO tools available.
Download Day - English

Jun 12, 2008

Looking Lost?

Our agency has be setup to assist businesses who have lost their competitive edge online or are looking for their lost customers. We assist with online marketing campaigns with Google AdWords, Yahoo Search Marketing and MSN AdCenter.

We assist business with running effective white hat SEO campaigns, and ensure that search engine rankings improve and increase the number of visitors to your website.

We provide your business with upto data information on your website visitors using web analytics services, such as Google Analytics, MSN Analytics and other 3rd Party Solutions such as Omniture, Piwik Analytics, Woopra or WebTrends.

We focus our efforts around your business and work with you as your online marketing company.

Please come back soon and visit our blog as we post notes and tips about the industry.