Dec 7, 2008

Bruce Clay talks about Client Understanding SEM

BruceClay wrote a great article about how you know when your client gets SEM, read the original post here.

I had a break through with a painful client recently, he asked for some assistance with a simple matter.

I offered several suggestions about making sure that their current ad on another site was not suitable, it was changed by the next day. They had some questions about adspend, and this was approved by the end of the day.

I was pleased that everytime i offered a few suggestions, these were implemented and the client came back with more relevant questions. There has been a decent uplift or organic traffic since we helped the client with these areas and their online sales have also jumped.

When a client helps you move forward in your understanding of their online business, its a great feeling. They often also feel more empowered and you get a happy client who won't leave on price because they understand that you want their business to succeed and not just the monthly invoice.

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