Dec 28, 2009

Blogs for Print

One of the growing trends is to profit from successful blogs by turning the previous posts into a book.  One of the best marketed products is Blog2Print who is now buying ad space on the blogger pop-up that is shown when a new post is made.

They are powered by SharedBook and offer the service to Blogger, Typepad and Wordpress hosted blogs.  It is a very interesting way to quickly transfer your blog into a published book with just a couple of clicks, by selecting your cover, posts to include, images and comments.  To capture the fast growing segment of e-books they also offer a pdf version which should allow blog authors to capture both sections of the market. 

The trend towards bloggers making money by selling their successful posts is growing and is not limited to articles and now includes popular images and cartoons.  The observer lists several recent blogs that have been printed by large publishing houses.

Some of the recent publications include:
Pets who want to kill themselves
"Unnecessary quotation marks"
This is why you are fat
Postcards from Yo Mamma
Stuff white people like
Look at this fucking hampster

If you are thinking of writing a book based on your blog or thinking of starting a blog to supplement your income we suggest some of these amazon books might be useful. Problogger is one of the leading internet publishers who has expanded his blog to offer a jobs for bloggers section, which might be a great place to start.

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