May 3, 2011

Official Google Australia Blog: Google Shopping arrives in Australia

Finally annouced today Google Shopping has officially arrived in Australia in a move that benefits from the strong Aussie dollar but also the poor effort that retailers have made to move to online shopping. To increase Google's revenues they have enabled AdWords Product Extensions where retailers can submit product information and the relevant product information will be shown within their ads where relevant.

See Examples of Google Shopping Product Extensions
What is different with Google Shopping?
Google Shopping is powered by the Google Merchant Center and supplies all the details on your products to your AdWords campaign match to the relevant user query.  AdWords product extensions shows product images, titles and prices of your products under your standard ads.

Why business should use Google Shopping?
The biggest part is the your competitors will start using them and they have a massive uplift in CTR which means more visitors to your online store?

Who loses out with Google Shopping?
One of the biggest losers are most comparison shopping websites, your affiliates and likely all the resellers of your products.

Video showing more about Product Extensions


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