Jan 10, 2014

Google+ plus users can now spam more easily

I have a big issue with the recent Google+ and Gmail integration as apparently only users with more than 10,000 connections will receive the spam block instantly.  The big oversight is that unless you have more than 10,000 followers on Google+ then everyone on Google+ platform can send you email, this includes churn and burn accounts setup just to spam people.

The other issue is that while your email is apparently masked unless you reply most people aren't so savy and will reply out of habit asking the spammers to stop.  This will then allow the spammers to harvest their emails and link it back to their Google+ profile.

I really don't think we need the ability to email people directly on Google+ as there are options such as private messages and you can also share updates privately.

I advise everyone to set their personal settings to none or circles only and then maybe change this once Google gets a bit more serious about their spam protection. Even settings such as extended circles still open you spam if people in your network just add anyone to their circles.

Official Gmail Blog: Reach the people you know more easily

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Khairil Ashar said...

Permaslahan spam adalah sesuatu yang sulit untuk dihindari. Saya menerima konten spam sebanyak 50 pada inbok saya setiap minggunya...