Jan 7, 2010

CNET CES conversations powered by ECHO

A big congratulations goes out to the team at JS-KIT who have beaten many established players to be the technology CNET use Echo to power their CES conversations. 

The 2010 International CES event is the tech event of the year.  CES produced by Consumer Electronics Association the premier trade association who represent more than 2,000 corporate members.  These members are involved in the design, development, manufacturing, distribution and integration of various consumer electronic products.

Echo is one of the fastest growing conversation platforms that allow real-time conversation and a truly dynamic and interactive online experience for your users. To read more about the Echo Conversation platform and get in touch with the JS-Kit team check out their about echo section.

Looks like the team is doing very well and continue to strive ahead with successful partnerships and ongoing improvements to their conversation technology platform. Another great point about their platform its the data portability focus that was grown from Chris Saad's involvement in APLM.

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