Jan 9, 2010

Google Click-to-Call targets ReachLocal

The Google AdWords team sent out a email notification today to advertisers about a new feature coming soon for AdWords advertisers running campaigns on high end mobile devices such as iPhone, Nexus One and Palm OS. The new AdWords click-to-call feature seems to be closely related to existing offerings by AdMob which Google purchased recently for $750 million but seems to be a direct move on ReachLocal's offering.

The ongoing demand for click-to-call technology meant that this product has been a long time coming and will be likely welcomed with open arms by advertisers.  It may upset some phone number tracking services such as Yodel or ReachLocal who use campaign numbers to track campaign results.

While the offering is great it will be interesting how pay-per-lead services adjust their pricing model as the pay-per-phone service offered is vastly cheaper.  While it is only currently available on high end mobile devices, utilising Google Voice can enable small business to run localised campaigns without expensive Toll numbers.

The other advantage is that you do not become dependent on ongoing use of Toll numbers if you can use your existing number with Google voice.

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