Jan 6, 2010

Google Nexus blocks Australian purchases

With the roll out of the new Google Nexus android mobile phone, it is likely to shift how consumers interact with Google services such as Google Maps, Google Voice and Gmail.  The question is how is going changing its approach to forcing geospecific rules to restrict consumers in particular countries from accessing its services.  The Official Google Blog has a post on how they are trying to have a new approach to buying a mobile phone but Google falls flat.

Cnet points out that Australia has been left of the list of APAC countries who will be able to purchase the Nexus One device even as Google talks about how their new approach will benefit users everywhere... expect countries such as Australia. It is strange that with the importance that Google has on growing its Asia-Pacific audience that it would leave out countries such as Australia & New Zealand.

The current batch of countries that can order the Google Nexus One device are:
  • Singapore
  • Hong Kong
  • Britain
  • United States

Engadget provided one of the earliest and most detailed review of the new Nexus One as part of CES 2010, and the initial reviews seem to indicate that the current Android OS on the Nexus One could have had more updates.  To read more about the Nexus One Review done by Engadget.

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