Jan 21, 2010

Serving Better ads in Gmail?

In what looks like a move which is going to deliver more targeted ads, Google is in the process of rolling out an update to how they serve ads in Gmail which is covered in more detailed on the post Serving better ads in Gmail.

Google is not changing the placement of the the current Gmail ads shown below with the yellow squares but using other elements in deciding which is the best add to display. They are now deciding if they can't find any decent AdWords to show in the current email you are reading they can base it on previous emails you have read in a particular session.

This is likely to address that adsense banners cannot always be filled, so they need to expand the contextual information to include more advertisers.  While they advise that no human is viewing or controlling this and they don't store any email or personal data is shared with the advertisers, won't Google be capturing some of it even if unintentionally?

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