Jan 10, 2010

Google failing to support Nexus One

Google appears to have a growing public relations nightmare on its hands with poor after sales service, response times for support and even their application developers feel left out in the cold. The Google forums are filling up with common questions that would be answered by any traditional phone retailer and early indications show that the direct model is not always best. Maybe the Google Nexus One has actually failed customer service already?

HTC doesn't have the resources and does not appear to be prepared to service the volume of consumer questions focused around the OS and network features nor should it be required to do all Google's support work. T-Mobile one of the early partners to the process also does not appear to have trained its support staff in the slight technical differences between Android 2.0 and Android 2.1 which is running on the Nexus One.

Google may have to rethink its traditionally thin technical support channels if they are serious about expanding the Nexus One and make it a true competitor to the Apple iPhone.

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