Jan 16, 2010

Viral rumours hamper correct Haiti support

AdAge has highlighted a number of viral campaigns that have started since the disaster struck with a number of companies such as UPS & American Airlines caught up in the storm.  Bloggers and Tweeters through chinese whispers started to create what UPS & American Airlines should be doing to assist based on their resources and ability to help.

The problem was that UPS & American Airlines ended up having to allocate resources to stop spot fires rather than focusing on what they had offered. Our best advice is to not believe what you hear companies are doing to assist, visit their websites direct to get the real story.

What is interesting is that much of the aid requested by the country has been financial with millions being collected around the world but will it take too long to be distributed to those affected?

We have started working 12for12k this year, in conjunction with our existing donations through Kiva with The Lost Agency Trust to give something back and this is the first post where we will seek to provide some more online exposure to smaller charities. 

12for12k has partnered with Hope for Haiti and you can donate through the widget shown below, and I hope my friend and all her work mates who are based there are getting the support and resources they need to do their job helping the community.


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