Jan 15, 2010

Google Adds Business Post to Place Page feature

Today I noticed when logging in to check on a clients Local Business Center statistics that Google had added a new feature.  This new feature allows business owners to post to short comments to your Business Places Page which we reviewed in some detail in a previous post last month.

The new post to your place page feature seems similar to the twitter style of short simple and precise messages and the fact that it expires in 30 days means its useful for monthly campaigns.  I can see this maybe included in a ranking signal used to judge the relevance of your business to be shown in the local listings, so think carefully about what you are posting and make it useful, interesting and relevant.

If you are based in a particular geographic area consider relevant posts to your location, city or industry and also remember to spell check anything you post.

These are the types of points I would avoid posting to place pages:
  • we have just closed our local office but you can call us on the 1300 number
  • we don't actually live here its just for seo purposes
  • we also think you should consider Viagra from sketchypharam.com
  • we know we said located Brisbane but its actually cairns
  • weather is great this time of the year in India
  • my boss just gambled the trust fund away
  • i can get rich selling leads from this so use the contact form
 These are the types of message that I would post to place pages:
  • we just did a new quote in new farm, brisbane using organic materials
  • our website form is broken so please use the contact number
  • we are having some issues with the phone so please email
  • we are having a 2 for 1 sale on all local products this month
  • next month we will be offering free upgrades
  • in july we are running a charity event stay tuned for more
So hopefully this gives you a little guidance as to how I would think would be a beneficial and relevant use for the new Post to Places feature.

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The Lost Agency said...

Chris from Reseo did an excellent post about how to get your business listed in Google Local listings that is worth reading.

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