Jan 11, 2010

Vodafone to sell Nexus One in Australia

Vodafone has confirmed that it has plans to release Nexus One in 2010 in Australia as their agreement with Google covers all geographies that Vodafone operates in.  Vodafone is likely quite exciting about the prospect of being one of the initial carriers to provide device as they have seen the benefits that brought Optus with the iPhone.
Vodafone has been announced as the first operator to be announced as bringing the new Google phone offer to the European market. They will offer the Google Nexus One under the following deal:

A subsidized Nexus One phone and a contract

Vodafone officially announced that they will be introduced soon in the UK, followed by other key markets in 2010 such as Australia. Other methods for Australian's to get their hands on the Nexus One phone involve eBay, purchasing from eBay USA US$1000 or from eBay.com.au AUD$1149.

There is obvious demand for the Nexus One from the Australian market, but carriers such as Vodafone will miss out on the revenue until Google finishes the roll-out process.

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