Jan 6, 2010

Kindle starts 2010 with International Kindle DX

Amazon moves on from it's very successful Kindle Xmas with an expanded offering for its international customers.  During the lead upto Christmas many consumers considering the purchase of the international feel they have been given a limited range with the single Kindle 6 inch as the US consumers had the choice between the standard Kindle and the Kindle DX.

Forbes announced that Amazon has announced support that includes the larger Kindle DX, which offers a number of improved features over the standard international Kindle. 

Increased storage with an extra 2,000 possible books. One of the items that makes the device more like a tablet is that it is Wi-Fi enabled and offers auto-rotation of the display. The larger Kindle DX device does carry at 52% higher price for the device.

So as the battle to win over more consumers to the Kindle before Apple launches its iSlate which will seek to compete as it offers a more dynamic and full featured experience similar to the the Time Magazine, Conde Nast and even Bonnie tablet prototypes.

There are already a number of tablet style products available on the market which do not have the issues of conflict of interest and can be suitable for multiple content providers. It is likely that consumers may have to accept having multiple devices that do specific tasks for atleast the next few years as content providers and hardware manufactures fight out to win your hearts and minds.

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