Jan 10, 2010

Gmail is the same on Nexus One

You can read more about how Google has changed the mobile email market place with Gmail on Nexus One on their blog Official Gmail Blog: Gmail on Nexus One but we feel they could have done more.

So they have allowed email or Facebook messages to be sent using the quick contact badge but this is fairly similar to the iPhone's current capabilities. So not really setting the world on fire with that feature.

The voice input is kinda cool but as a traveler I would prefer text-to-voice reader for my emails. I'm still not sold on the ability of Google to correctly translate voice to text. It is a gimmick that fails to work correctly on Google Voice so why would it work on a mobile?

A test based on Google Voice which likely uses the same technology platform, transcribed a contacts name "Cyrus" as "Sarah" and the sound made when they hangup the call as "Just"... If this was an email I was sending from a soundproof room with no background noise it might have been transcribed better?

Voice to text is not suitable most of the time you are out in public using a mobile, that is why people type messages they are discrete and have to be accurate. I would be interested to see how badly Google Android Voice-to-Text fails as they are selling this product internationally and their current iPhone offerings fail with anything but the most western US accents.

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